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Gluteus Maximus pubes. The hair inside your ass crack.
So I was eating his ass and got his glubes stuck in my teeth! I had to lint-roll my mouth. Gross!
by After-Birth August 03, 2009
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A cheap generic version of a personal pleasure lubrication that loses its viscosity, thus resembling an adhesive. Essentially, lube becoming glue-like.
"So I was balls deep in the bitches ass when I looked down and realized the condom was gone. They spent the next five minutes trying to fish it out. It was then I realized we shouldn't have bought the glube.
by harrycrossjr August 06, 2010
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The liquid sex you can't take off. Glue and lube mixed together to create the perfect eternal bond between sexual partners!
Girl: Honey, I want to be with you forever.
Guy: Just let me get the Glube and I'll make that dream a reality!
by Glube August 31, 2014
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glubing is when you use some form of glue as a masturbation or sexual lubricant.
yo, fetch the rubber cement, I'm gonna glube myself up
by hitler! June 14, 2003
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To use up the last of the toilet paper, coffee, water in the cooler, etc. and not replace it. This usually happens(but is not limited to) and office setting or where a group of people are participating as a team.
Dave, did you glube the coffee again? You were the last guy to get some and now the damn thing is empty.
by Dale Earnhardt Jr. The Third February 19, 2010
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Sexual lubrication that becomes tacky and sticky after a short time of use. combination of the words "glue" and "lube"
Man, this water based lube turned to glube when I was jacking off.
by CrAnKeD YaNkeR February 11, 2019
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