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Gloop is a community of Indian consumers and retailers who love sharing and discovering the best that life has to offer. When co-founder Ananya Lodaya returned to India after years in New York, she longed for some of her old lifestyle habits—Crossfit bootcamp classes, cupcakes, sulphate-free shampoo, boutique weekend getaways, good Malbec wine...only to discover, that all this and more is now available in India.
Gloop help you to discover and share amazing cool stuffs online.
by Sahil Sinha February 25, 2013
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The act of sitting on the toilet after sex in order to rid oneself of the jizz inside one's vag.
Lexy: Damn baby, what a stallion you are.

Me: Shut up and go gloop; I don't need any babies running around.

Lexy: Ok my king.

(ten minutes later)

Me: Baby, what are you doing? My sandwich won't make itself.

Lexy: Hold on, I'm still glooping. It was an eight-roper.
by Bobby Bolivia November 28, 2010
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n. 1. a sort of mix between a liquid and a substance; thick, but liquidy. 2. a grotesque substance, commonly bright green, found in hot lunches, that is practically inedible. 3. Dreaded and hated, feared but is nescessary in some point in one's life to face, has something to do with food. 4. disgusting and weird. 5. Green.
v. to throw something green and smelly at someone, usually by means of a spoon and in a cafeteria.
Pronounciation: gul-ewp
Forms: Gloop, glooping, glooped
"Ha ha ha!" said the dumbass. "Man, yo got glooped!"
by Dujaton March 16, 2004
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(noun) A vaginal discharge that occurs after sexual arousal, the liquid often hangs or dribbles off of the vaginal lips. It has the texture of yogurt, and is similarly colored as well. (verb) bit
After sexual intercourse, Sarah had gloop hanging from her vagina but quickly pulled her up pants and said "it will dry"
by Gregory C March 22, 2008
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Noun. The lettuce on a cheap ass $0.99 value menu burger, or any sandwich at that price, from big named fast food establishments in the United States of America.

Adj. The appearance of something being grossly limp & moist like lettuce on a sandwich from big name fast food establishments $0.99 value menu.

Mc Donalds

Jack n the box
Ewww! That $0.99 chicken sandwich has gloop on it!
by lucky bailey rocks December 05, 2018
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A group of seemingly similar but wholly dissimilar things.
From the birds to the zebras, zoos are nothing but a gloop of animals.
by Matt Sturgeon August 01, 2005
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a noise that is made when something gooey happens. i.e. when you are vianized.
oh no! i just heard the gloop!
by amanda March 30, 2004
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