The act of sitting on the toilet after sex in order to rid oneself of the jizz inside one's vag.
Lexy: Damn baby, what a stallion you are.

Me: Shut up and go gloop; I don't need any babies running around.

Lexy: Ok my king.

(ten minutes later)

Me: Baby, what are you doing? My sandwich won't make itself.

Lexy: Hold on, I'm still glooping. It was an eight-roper.
by Bobby Bolivia November 28, 2010
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Noun. The lettuce on a cheap ass $0.99 value menu burger, or any sandwich at that price, from big named fast food establishments in the United States of America.

Adj. The appearance of something being grossly limp & moist like lettuce on a sandwich from big name fast food establishments $0.99 value menu.

Mc Donalds

Jack n the box
Ewww! That $0.99 chicken sandwich has gloop on it!
by lucky bailey rocks December 5, 2018
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of the chains something that refers to teen liking
man that band was so cool they were gloop
by shawn 090 December 28, 2007
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The feeling of a baby leaving your vagina
It just gloop-ed out.
by TommyTheProphet October 18, 2015
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The most aggressive, and explosive diarrhea you'll ever have.
Tom: "Bro I had a real gloop last night after taco bell."
Andy: "Oh really?"
Tom: "Yeah. Real ring burner. Asshole on fire, blood in the shit, it was just a raging torrent. I mean full super-soaker, man. I fuckin floated off the toilet. And it went on for like 40 minutes. I'm never getting taco bell again."
by Yoinkyshredder69 January 7, 2021
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what you yell out when you see a skanky / stanky girl walking by in your daily life, Usually accompanied by leaning back, bending your knees and revving your invisible motorcycle.
youre hanging with your friends in the hallway at school

*skanky / stanky girl walks by*


*friends laugh, girl looks confused*
by N0RG August 6, 2009
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The moment of eye contact exchanged between the person leaving a bathroom stall and the person about the enter.
There awkwardness of the glooping outside the McDonald's bathroom was tenable, as both parties went on their way.
by smebobo October 6, 2019
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