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An amazing well-rounded person. Tall, athletic, highly intelligent, and owns a body of the gods. Often confused by people as a supermodel, and creates jealousy amount other girls. An extremely loyal and faithful friend who can lighten any situation just by smiling. Just by gazing in her gorgeous eyes, one can become lost and fall completely in love. Owns the nightlife and the bedroom. No one has ever been able to even compare to this fantastic creature.
Dude, I just saw Glenna over there. She is fineeee.
by ohhey1234 November 27, 2011
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Crazy cool girl who's style goes over the charts. Employed by the wealthy to heat their hot tubs by simply touching the water. Demolishes all competition in swimming and has abs of titanium.
Ow, I burned myself this morning by being close to Glenna.
by Hueftle January 25, 2008
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