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Located in Illinois. A scant 45 minutes from Chicago, it's still possible (and a frequent night-long activity) to whine about having nothing to do. The world's largest collection of country-club goers and stuck up teens. Within a three-mile radius, one has ample oppurtunity to drive around and buy an overpriced mediocre coffee and somehow get arrested while doing it. Home of Glenbard West highschool, (which holds a record of the most stairs to climb while traveling from class to class) as well as the much less snobby and much less talked about Glenbard South High Scool. "Downtown" Glen Ellyn is home to some of the most hardcore partiers in the state.
The rich girl is angry with mother because she will not lend her 70 dollars for her weekend expenses.
by Yea April 25, 2005
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A town where you can find some of the most retarded drivers in the U.S, all of them on cell phones. While the majority of the town is wealthy, there are a few non-wealthy un-incorporated areas labeled by Glen Ellyn kids as "Bufu".
"Where do you live?"
"I live in un-incorporated Glen Ellyn"
"Whats that"
"Its near Lombard"
"Oooooh, you live in Bufu"
by Shniff May 07, 2005
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Glen Ellyn is the most BORING town to be in. unless you are a druggie, emo, or a "Glen Ellyn Rebel" AKA skater, then life here sucks. The high school Glenbard West, has too many stairs and in debt because the parents of kids in Glen Ellyn rather pay for the Coach purses for their daughters rather than the few extra tax dollars.
Ugh. i moved to Glen Ellyn a few years ago from Chicago and Oak Park and lemme just say: it's a tad different. no excitement.
by KateDUB May 04, 2005
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Glen Ellyn true is a snobby rich subarnite town, and yeah the cops are kind of crazy and yell at people because they walk around in the streets but who knows, there are some crazy emo kids here though, but then preps are in control and glenbard West now has no money, so i recommend you don't move here.
me: I'm moving to Glen Ellyn

woman: Wow did you get alot of money Glen Ellyn is soo expensive

me: ohh well.. my house is pretty small...
by hmm... guess who?! May 03, 2005
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i live in glen ellyn and must say 90% of the people here are totally spoiled and stuck up. there are a few exception though like me and my gf. the best part about glen ellyn is just walking around cant get you arrested. trust me i know. GH!
we are all fat and all we do is complain about it. emos are taking ova.
by Mr.Dan May 02, 2005
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