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When you're strolling down the land of make-believe and suddenly a ferocious beast with powers far surpassing your own attacks you out of nowhere- only this time it's in real life. When your girlfirend wants some attention, she'll get it one way or another.
Player 1: Hey, after this run, I'm gonna have to bounce.

Player 2: Why?

Player 1: I've got a little girlfriend aggro here.
by TheSpectacularOne April 12, 2009
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When your girlfriend (or boyfriend in some cases) tries to take your attention off what you're doing to make her the focus of your attention.
I can't run SM now, I've pull some Girlfriend Aggro and I can't shake her off.
by Deagans March 31, 2006
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When you play videogames for so long that you piss off your girlfriend. Comes from the MM0G term aggro.
Oops, I played EverCrack for too long. Now I have girlfriend aggro.
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