Number one rule of girl code is that you DO NOT communicate with, flirt with or date any man that your FRIEND has dated or fancies.
Girl code is defined in message as β€˜You never said noπŸ˜‰β€™
by Truthtalkerxo November 13, 2018
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don't go after your friends crush or ex if they ask you out say NO! don't like another girls boyfriend or go after him if you do your just a basic bitch.
She broke girl code when she dated my ex.
by anoynomusbitch October 10, 2018
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a set of useless, bullshit rules that girls use to govern and bully around their friends, girls or guys.
examples of breaking the girl code:
1. you slept with a guy a friend used to like
2. you ask a guy out that you once saw an aquaintance out with a month before
3. you are friends with someone your friend hates
Girl 1: "what did i do wrong?"
Girl 2: "hello!? you fucking broke the girl code rule #27."
Girl 3: "oh, duh, i checked out a guy that you once that was cute. i am so sorry."
by ella123 July 26, 2005
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girl code is a series of rules that every single girl on this planet must oblige (even if you have never met the girl) other wie there are many consequences

RULE NO. 1 Do not even think about sexually engaging with a guy who is not single. Even if he wants to!

RULE NO. 2 NEVER fat shame another gril! (even if shes fat)

RULE NO. 3 If you are aware of something another girl should be aware of (espesially if it has to do with her boyf or bff)tell her straight away or you will cop it when she eventually finds out

RULE NO.4 DO NOT talk SMACK wbout a girl you have never met (unless justified)

audrey: fran i think got with lucas do i tell Naomi

ruby: of course dude GIRL CODE
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A group of foolish guidelines, made up by shallow-minded teenagers, in order to gain status, or, 'respect'.
The Girl Code is Childish Repugnant Abominable Prattle, i.e., CRAP
by Princess Michiru Kaiou February 19, 2011
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A set of made up guidelines that girls follow cause they're jealous of the Bro Code.
Gabbi: Dawson, there's a Girl Code
Dawson: Shut up Gabbi, your just jealous of the Bro Code.
by Djpleasant January 18, 2012
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some thing never followed except between the most best friends.
-Oh, I heard she's going out with that guy friend of yours you've liked since kindergarten

-Isn't that a total violation of the girl code?

-so? no body actually follows "girl code "
by veggiebeef January 29, 2009
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