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A person (either male or female), who desires to become the person that they most identify with, psychologically & spiritually.
Transgendered individuals are not necessarily homosexual & we are definitely NOT child molesters.
If those ignorant morons, who spread these disgusting rumors about us got to know us, they would think quite differently.
There is a major difference between sex & gender:
1. Sex is between the legs.
2. Gender is between the ears.
Transgendered people are beautiful people.
Be proud of who you are.

by Princess Michiru Kaiou February 26, 2009

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A girl with whom you have a platonic friendship.

N.B 'platonic' refers to a non-sexual friendship, as opposed to 'romantic'.
I can talk with my gal pal about anything.
by Princess Michiru Kaiou March 17, 2009

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Racist bitch, once again running for office in Queensland.
I call her 'the Catwoman', because of her cat-like eyes and her tendency to throw hissy-fits at the media.
If politicians were smart, they would ban Pauline Hanson from politics forever.
by Princess Michiru Kaiou March 02, 2009

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Someone, usually Caucasian, but not always, who is very interested in the various cultures of Asia, commonly known as the Orient,
such as languages, writing systems, traditions & architecture.
The orientalist may study to an extreme to amass as much knowledge about Asia as they can.
Some people may call me an Orientalist, but I would refute that assumption.
by Princess Michiru Kaiou March 02, 2009

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When someone tries to sell you something over the phone (e.g. a mobile phone), similar to infomercials on television.
The person will try to persuade you to buy their item, even if you try to tell them that you are not interested.
(*Fone = Phone)
These infonemercials are so annoying, because they waste my time & money.

The only reason I don't want a mobile phone, is because I can't afford one, despite these infonemercal's sugary slop.
by Princess Michiru Kaiou July 08, 2009

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A sub-culture of Netizens, who tend to overuse acronyms a lot to express emotions.
This, of course, does not apply to everyone, but, mainly to those who use symbols and/or gibberish instead of words, because they think that it sounds cool.
Noobs are a drain on bandwidth.
Stay away from them.
by Princess Michiru Kaiou March 09, 2009

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A group of foolish guidelines, made up by shallow-minded teenagers, in order to gain status, or, 'respect'.
The Girl Code is Childish Repugnant Abominable Prattle, i.e., CRAP
by Princess Michiru Kaiou February 19, 2011

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