A regular girl. / A simple girl.
For example,: The girl I like is just a common girl.
by #TM October 21, 2015
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Any girl, generally of any race or ethnicity, who are obsessed with the following:
Leggings/Nike pants
Bath and Body works candles
Bath and Body Works soap
Target bikinis
Sports bras
The movie Mean Girls (only the first)
Riding boots

Kanye West
The song "Up Down"
Candy Corn
"I can't even"
Emojis in every text ❤️😂😍9⃣😂🐏🎃

Customized jackets, purses, boots...
Vera Bradley lanyards
North Face jackets
Lululemon headbands
Nike shorts and tennis shoes
Hipster glasses
"I can't even."
"Did you see Skylar's Snapchat story?"

"I know. Leggings, emojis,bath and body works soap and candles..."

"So common white girl of her!"
by Alpha Alex October 18, 2014
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Any white girl in America who is obsessed with any of the following:
Leggings, Uggs, Starbucks, Autumn, iPhones, Instagram, Twitter, Selfies, or the movie Mean Girls.
"Why does that girl drink starbucks so much?"
"Because she is a Common White Girl"
by HeyItsNatalieC October 17, 2013
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Any white teenager in America that does the following:
-drinks their weight in Starbucks coffee
-wears leggings, uggs, lululemon headbands and sweaters
-Instagrams everything they eat
-makes a 20 min snapchat story to prove they were at a party

-constinitly on twitter

-wears nike shorts and shoes
"It's 90 degrees why is she wearing Uggs?!"
"Because she's a common white girl
by EmilyKase November 18, 2014
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Any girl generally in America who is obsessed with these things:

-vera bradley
-use of the word "YAAAAAS"

-use of the words "i can't even"


-selfie sticks
-constantly posting on snapchat
Common white girl:

Why is there such a long line at starbucks? They are all white girls.
by Swagger200000 February 27, 2016
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a white blond girl who typically goes to Emmanuel school, Streatham and Clapham, graveny, Woldingham who has a big ass and tits and wears and north face puffer jacket and goes to Wandsworth common on the weekends to do ket, contract aids, vape Mango and strawberry ice vapes, and spill glens vodka on their north face
yo jack have you seen those fit common girls over there?
by silver shuriken February 22, 2022
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