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A person with ginger pubes who also has a different hair colour than ginger.
"I went home with a gingo last night, pure ginger pubes, I thought she was a brunette?!"
by Freddim April 21, 2018
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Has a cabbage ass is a serial rapist likes to where bill cosby sweaters and takes adderall snorts cocaine and injects black tar heroin in their veins. Works at me Donald's and snorts the salt off of FRENCH fries is retarded and talks about truffle butter and alligator sexhouse and is cancer and loves to talk trash to Hayden although Hayden is better than him and he loves buttercups also makes your ears bleed whenever he talks
He made fun of Hayden what a gingo
He snorts salt of off mcfries what a gingo
He makes my ear bleed what a gingo
by Hmc52302 January 20, 2017
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