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The awesome power only bestowed upon those who are awesome. Gives the bestowed the power of the sun. Includes those with stawberry blonde to auburn hair color. In addition such person may have paler skin or freckles.

Others are not so fortunate.
Wow that girl Audrey has some serious flames! She has serious gingerosity!!

That kid Izzi is a gingerosity wannabe...
by GingerTopper April 06, 2009
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When a redhead performs a kind or generous act suggesting that they might, in fact, have a soul.
John showed a lot of gingerosity when he let me borrow his notes for class.
by gingerpower December 07, 2012
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Of or relating to aggressive ginger people.
Toby had some serious gingerosity going on last night at the bar.

Grandad had terrible gingerosity last night
by socorock88 May 05, 2011
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