The merciless, brutal, inhumane, cruel, vicious treatment of those categorized as members of the ginger race.

These people go on gingercide sprees known as 'pogroms' in which large numbers of gingers are slaughtered, usually being hung from rusty meat hooks, which are then paraded through the streets.

The history of gingercide can be traced back to when Ireland began fighting for its' independance from the United Kingdom.

Gingercide has declined thanks to popular celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Carrot Top, but no one can deny its existance. Although it has recently resurfaced in small camps located in Cour' De Lane, Idaho, and Auburn, Washington.

People living in these camps often, hold rallies trying to promote this belief and have experienced widespread success by associating it with things like eradicating AIDS, civil rights, and spreading wealth to increase its' popularity.
Hey man after I smash you at miniature golf, you wanna go commit some ruthless acts of gingercide?
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