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-is a look of a redheaded man (ginger male) that resembles the aura of the actual Jesus: Red beard, and long wavy hair. It is the cultural context that is accepted by the long haired ginger's.
"Hey man has anybody said this but you look like a ginger Jesus with all that ginger hair and that red beard man. Thanks for presenting us with you presence."
by Superkennell88 November 15, 2016
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Another name for Ed Sheeran often used by his fans and/or fandom - sheerios. This is used in great excitement or during obsessive fan girl moments. Can also be used in sarcasm by the non-sheerio or when introducing a friend to sheerio culture.
Sheerio 1: 'Oh my god, Shanaynay I got tickets to go see the GINGER JESUS LIVE! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!'
Sheerio 2: 'I just want to stroke the ginger jesus' guitar'

Non fan talking to a sheerio: 'Oh of course god bless the ginger jesus'

Sheerio 3: 'This is obviously Ed Sheeran aka the Ginger Jesus. Here is 2435276372 page booklet go learn the sheerio ways.'
by DefiningFandoms June 09, 2013
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