A ginger that eats a lot of minge to the point that Minge is part of his identity
Our english teacher is a real Ginger Minger
by Nifaso March 11, 2020
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Whats worse than being a minger? Being a ginger minger (on this occasion ginger is pronounced like minger (or singer for those who are unfamiliar with it)).
A redhead who's visual appearance makes you want to vomit.
How drunk was Paul last, pulling that ginger minger? I've seen fish I'd rather snog!
by Boc2 November 10, 2007
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a way to distinguish the natural redheads from the artificial. a British term, ginger meaning redheaded and minge meaning public hair. variations: ginge minge
"Oi! You! Ginger minger!"
by gingeraltoid November 12, 2004
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just something to call gingers (derogatory but true). minger = minging = disgusting, ginger = disgusting

great insult
"Oi Kyle you ginger minger, give me ten quid or I'll shank you."
by electrictouch January 1, 2022
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"Ginger minger" is a derogatory term that combines two offensive elements: "ginger," which is a colloquial term for someone with red hair, and "minger," which is a slang term used to insult someone's physical appearance, implying that they are unattractive or unpleasant to look at. This term is hurtful and disrespectful, as it targets individuals based on their physical characteristics and perpetuates negative stereotypes.
"Your a right Ginger Minger"
"God I hate those Ginger Mingers"
by MrDudeFace August 24, 2023
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