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To pull the hand across the back of one's neck while applying heavy pressure in a ripping method after they say something unintelligent or ridiculous.

Typically played as a never-ending game while in school. When someone says something dumb, simply "get yours" while saying loudly "GIMME MINE" or "GIMME MINES" or "OOOOOH...I GOTTA GET MINE ON THAT ONE".
1. Tony: Man did you see the Super Bowl? The Eagles put a whooping on the Patriots.
by Urban Dictionary February 22, 2005
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When someone does something stupid, someone else says, "Gimme mine," and uses his or her fingers to Indian burn the back of said person's neck. To cancel a stupid act before someone "Get's There's", say "Late!"
"Seth Rogen definatly was not in Superbad..."
"Wow, you're an idiot, gimme mine."
by Pixies1992 August 07, 2009
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when something stupid or awkward is said by one person, the offended/wierded out person for some reason, immidiately has the right to coursly rub the back of the idiots nech with two fingers in an attempt to hurt the idiot.
1. man that bathroom smells like hooch!
2. what? goose. it smells like goose?!
1. shit man! gimme mines!!
by nate March 26, 2005
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to slap or aggressively pull someone's neck after saying something unintelligent
Person 1: I thought Vancouver was in France

Person 2: Wow, gimme mine!
by Joey May 27, 2004
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