A condition that is a result from smokin the hibidy dibidy.
by Chrissy561 January 26, 2011
The uncontrollable surge of laughter that takes over and makes everything that was once worth a smirk seem unexplainably funny. When you have/have had giggles you can feel giddy for a while after.
Becca has only gone and got giggles again.
"Just ignore her while the giggles subside"
by SUFC1989 February 20, 2015
A phrase pioneered in Evanston, IL said to someone when they make a bad joke or say something that isn't funny. It's purpose is to let them know that they indeed received, no giggles are are not as funny as they think they are.
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
"That's not funny, no giggles."
by TinaTinaSchanuz April 28, 2010
to laugh in a really cute bubbly manner
Christine has the cutest giggle and i wanna smack that ass.
by Andy October 3, 2003
One who laughs more than enough. LOL
Mr. Lee nic-named Kenzie "Giggles"
by Kenzie March 13, 2003
1. to have laugh, party and have fun;

2. to enjoy life, experience joy and happiness in a monumental way.
1. I am headed out with my friends to giggle on
2. Life is too short. Make time to giggle on everyday
by LucyLuca January 4, 2012
A specific way of laughing - only women
A flirty and cute laughing
What girls do about boys, but it is not done by dudes because it would sound gay.
Carly and her friends were giggling about George
by Alfredo Paisano October 4, 2007