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To be struck with an incessant laughing/giggle fit that keeps going on and on at inconvenient times, rendering you fucked because now you look weird.
Person 1: *sitting in a classroom which is currently silent then happens to think of a funny line from Pineapple Express that strikes a chord* AhahahahahahahahaHAHAHAbuah! *clutching stomach, tears streaming down face, trying to be quiet but failing*

Person 2: That suffering a GiggleFuck.
by AWidowandADivorcee August 12, 2009
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Verb: The action of making somebody giggle/laugh hysterically for a long period of time, causing others to become slightly aggrivated
John-*laughing at a joke*
Eric-Dude, shut up, I'm tryna watch Inception!!!
John-*crying now*
Eric-Shut the hell up John!!!!
John- I'm sorry dude
Eric-God I can't hear with you gigglefucking in the backround
by DerpBacon July 03, 2011
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a gigglefuck is that feeling u get that some of us have forgotten about
we used to get it alot when we were kids
for no apparent reason u can be sitting there and an all consuming feeling evelopes u that rises up ur body and makes u shake and tingle and sometimes get goosepimples
if often experienced settling into a cold bed
stimpy from ren and stimpy was quite good at gigglefucks
nuack nuack nuack nuack that gigglefuck was fantastic!!!!!
by toostr82bgay December 23, 2004
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a bunch of people laughing at the same time kinda like abunch of people fucking at the same time except laughing
my friends tod kelly and jenna were all laughing at once have quiet a giggle fuck
by bre'dog February 11, 2010
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