Yet another offering in the category of brain numbing, extremist and irresponsible social media sites chock-full-O COVID conspiracy theories, vaccine misinformation and underground anti-science propaganda.
Hey, did you hear on Twitter that the my pillow guy is going to be reinstated as vice president when SCOTUS overturns the 2020 election?
Ummm, no. But I did read that the vaccine causes yer liver to melt and yer dick fall off.
Yup, that's the gift of gab.
by YAWA August 29, 2021
The gift of having a nice ass like Gaby (see definition of "GABY")
Damn girl that is one fine got the gift of the Gab!!!!
by :)x July 28, 2004
is an idiomatic phrase which means the "ability to talk readily, glibly, and convincingly"
She's got the gift of the gab - she should work in sales and marketing.
by zoli October 21, 2013
The ability to lure children into one's dungeon.
Wtaf, George. You have the gift of the gab. I thought I told you that 5 kids in your basement was enough!
by Xvsgwksbdgud January 24, 2020