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A very common hat in Team fortress 2, mostly seen in combination with the "Pyrovision Goggles" by free2play players.
The Gibus is a black-tinted old-fashioned worn-out hat first released on the scream fortress update.

People who wear the Gibus are oftenly accused for being a noob, hacker, f2p, or just plain out dumb.

The gibus may also be a hat for players who already are pay2play but don't want any fancy headwear.
(Hater discussion)
Player 1: For god fucking sake that Gibus Sniper keeps on bodyshooting!
Player 2: I've checked that guys inventory and he's actually a pay2play. maybe he doesn't want to wear hats?
Player 1: Doesnt matter! he's a gibus sniper!

(alternative 2)
Gibus player Score: 400+
Player 1: he's headshooting everyone on the other team. and he's a gibus sniper!
by Cephalopods September 07, 2015
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