a mild form of retardation that comes prodominately in kids that listen to punk and are named mike gibson
wow! your such a gibby, i mean c'mon.
by bryan October 20, 2004
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n. - Commonly used slang word associated with insulting someone, or labeling them as to "emotional".

Derived from the word "Gibson" (Latin for "whine").

Slang Usage: 21st Century scientists have discovered that a "gibby" is in fact an "emo" creature. Use when describing someone who is overly melodramatic and depressed.
Stop your whining, stupid fucking gibby.
by Crazy 8 November 30, 2004
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When you got a bong and a pipe going opposite ways in the same circle and you pass to the same person who passes to you.
Ahh they are both gonna get it.

The gibby gibby grab
by Theawkwardpiza November 01, 2018
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Slang for a women's vagina, or the act of getting some gibby. High-rise gibby is for women with large pee flaps.
Man, I got some nice high-rise gibby last night, and I wasn't even trying.
by KwazyWabbit September 12, 2009
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(v.) to make no sense (n.) a person with no sense and speaks with combined gibberish and rambling (adj.) to describe someone who is either making no sense or full of shit

gibbish - the act of partaking in gibbis
gibbising - the act of gibbis
My boss said that if I don't stop gibbising around, that i can kiss my job goodbye.

"The dude over there said that you can't out drink him!"

"Tell him I said he's a load of gibbis."
by Kyote July 31, 2009
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