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A very sexy beautiful girl she can make you happy no matter what she is straight up with you if you mess with Gianella she will tell you how it id everyone wants to be her friend and she is great friend to anyone she is always happy and bubbly she is a natural born leader she will put others before her she is very down to earth shes the most amazing girl you could fall in love with or know
Why are you so happy? Were you with Gianella?
by dragonkidd March 16, 2013
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A beautiful sexy girl who can make you very happy.
hey dude who were you with last night?!

i was with this beautiful girl named Gianella

you obviously you had a good time her name is Gianella .
by thetarpit June 15, 2011
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Extremely ditsy girl that doesn't get jokes. Very pretty. Talented, and loud. She can be very fun to be around or nahhhh. Very artistic & loves to listen to music. Doesn't get jokes.
Did you tell Gianella that joke?

Yeah, but she didn't get it till today. I told her that joke 2 months ago.
by lolopack February 11, 2014
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