DS sucks at MGO2, he needs to GiT GuD.
by PaperCupp July 11, 2008
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American English, bastardized way of saying "get good". A very short, succinct way of saying: Quit playing the incompetent victim; practice makes perfect; You can do better, so do better.

Also a way a dismissive way of saying that you will not waste time holding someone's hand, walking them through how to do something when all they need to do is temper themselves through repetition.
"No matter how much I try to finger this part on guitar, I can't seem to play it. You can do it so well though. Teach me how you do it!"
"Git gud, faggot."
by someguybb February 14, 2016
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Commonly used in the SoulsBorne community by Veteran players as advice for new players

Can also be used to troll newer players aswell
Newb: I've been on this 1 boss for an hour now, it feels impossible how did you do this?
Vet: These games aren't for the weak they don't hold your hand, you gotta find out things for yourself I did it and if you GiT GuD then someday so will you.

Newb: How am I supposed to beat this boss he's just hitting through my attacks?

Troll: lmao GiT GuD scrub XD
by Nunyadambidnis February 28, 2022
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A phrase used in mockery by no-life social rejects for expressing their superior ability concerning a particular video game, so they have something to feel good about.

Usually used to dismiss invalid as well as valid complaints about a video games' difficulty level or cheating.
Casual Magic Player: "This games' AI is cheating, it always gets exactly what it needs at exactly the right moment. It's total BS."
Pro Magic player: "Git Gud."
by J.Boucicaut October 24, 2016
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1. A intentionally misspelled phrase meaning "get good." Generally used to pock fun at and mock inexperienced players in a particular video game.
Person A: Damn it, I've died so many times and haven't even gotten my first kill yet.

Person B: Lol, git gud mate.
by TheBlackWeeaboo July 9, 2016
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1. In the form of encouragement to get somebody to do better than they're currently doing(Which is probably sucking at whatever video game they are playing, usually Dark Souls).

2. In the form of heckling to berate someone by telling them that they are terrible at what they're doing(Used mostly while playing Dark Souls).

Friend 1: I'm trying to play Dark Souls but this one player keep invading me and kicking my ass.
Friend 2: Dude, just git gud. You'll get there eventually.
Friend 1: Yeah, you're probably right.


Casul gamer: Dude, what the fuck? I was trying to heal!
Hardcore gamer: Git gud, skrub.
by xXX_Sarge_XXx July 1, 2017
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