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The girl you see on the subway or on your way somewhere but know nothing about her but some quick eye contact makes you believe that for some reason she's the "one" but don't talk to her and then walk past each other and never see each other again.
Guy 1: bro i just saw my wife!!!
Guy 2: did you talk to her
Guy 1:Nah she a ghost girl, I fucked up :(
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by Fresh Rebel May 17, 2018
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a female/shawty that you once had intimacy with, but it was lost and now she's nothing more than an appiration of a dead object.
I remember when you used to hold my hand
Now you acting like a ghost girl
by dertysauce January 29, 2017
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A ghost girl is a skmeome you are in love with, yet you might not know their name or know them on a personal level.
"I'm in love with a ghost girl, all alone in a lonely world"
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by never say die December 26, 2018
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