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to force your spiritual form through the receiver of a phone and through phone lines to reappear on the other end during a conversation to choke the person you are speaking with or to beat them in some other fashion in response to something they either said or did.
During a phone call:

James: I fucked your younger sister while she blew your other best friend. Plus we taped it and put it on the world wide web.

Doug: Motherfucker, I will Ghost Dad your ass.

James: What?

Doug travels through the phone lines to choke the shit out of James.
by Wesley Eastin November 01, 2007
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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A sexual act similar to the popular "stranger" but involving a second person. A friend/partner sits on one of their arms constricting the blood flow until the point where numbness occurs and feeling is lost in that arm. The person with the numb arm then performs a hand job on the friend/partner.
"Phew all those GhostDads we gave each other on the secret trip really cut the tension but boy does my arm hurt!"

"The Jonas brothers are a horrible band but I hear they can be quite a bit of fun on the road performing a few GhostDads on each other and the crew?"
by Rolo Tony July 13, 2009
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To release flatulence; to fart. Derived from discussing pooping (a.k.a. dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool). Because Bill Cosby also starred in the movie Ghost Dad, the verbal adaptation just seems natural (no pun intended).
After eating an entire family value meal at taco bell by myself, I let the largest Ghost Dad this haunted house has ever experienced.
by jrolthedamaja November 03, 2006
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Referencing the Bill Cosby Movie. It refers to someone who is your friend but never answers emails or returns texts days or weeks later. They are your friend but no one ever see them. When you think they are gone they randomly appear or send you a text or email. when confronted they think they are always there.
John: Where is Phil? I don't know man he is has been Ghost dad for the last 2 months
by Vanfan August 23, 2013
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A derogatory term that applies to black people. Derived from the 1990 film "Ghost Dad" starring Bill Cosby. It can be used in place of more harsh and well known terms when speaking directly to a person of dark skin in order to instill a sense of confusion while, if spoken with correct emphasis and dictation, still cause feelings of anger and offense. It is also important to note that it should be used in dialogue with respectable black men who have jobs or wear suits, not the "Gangsta Thug" type.
Hey Ghost Dad! Get me a beer!

Look Ghost Dad, I dont have exact change, now DRIVE THE BUS!

Alright Ghost Dad I've had enough. Let me speak to the manager!
by Brian........... July 23, 2006
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Taken from the popular film "Ghost Dad" it refers to males who have possibly fathered many children but do not have an active role in their lives or to refer to fathers who have died only to return to help there children with math homework
Maury paternity test episodes - The Ghost Dad disputes that he is the father of the crack whores baby

"Listen Ghost Dad I just want my popcorn!"
by Paully! September 14, 2009
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