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The art of being ghetto. Making short cuts, that may not seem to work but do indeed work. For example, lifting a 500 pound engine with zip ties. Wiring up a car with house wire.
In order to make a 240 sx a skyline, you have to earn a degree in ghettology.
by Dominic H. April 27, 2004
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a ghettologists could study ghetto things a person says or does
by Julia February 25, 2005
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being so ghetto that you would do things in a way that nobody would think of to get something done.
When you are printing sales signs and they print wrong, so u cut and paste the right sign. This is done by cutting out what you need from one sign and glue them to the other.
by YankeePride23 May 01, 2004
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Generally, used to excuse self or another's action. A form of cover up for inefficient manners, actions or suspicious behavior. Or It is using an attempt to use poor psychology methods to explain a cause or action taken to solve a problem.
" I asked you for this item hours ago. It is important!"

"Well, you see. I had to go see and ask someone about the item. You had asked for. then it get lost."
"You mean the item sitting on the desk. When I first arrived."
"Yes, It arrived just before you got here."
"Oh it just arrived just before you got here"

(On looker 1) "Did you hear that? that is not true. that item was there the time"
(On looker 2) "It sure was...He used ghettology and saved his ass"
by looking at the world January 10, 2014
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