Someone who spends all their money on useless or depreciating items instead of saving or investing it. Typically they buy nice things to try to signal to others that they are rich, when they actually come off as poor to those who actually are rich. They almost always live way beyond their means, and are typically in massive amounts of debt. Their income is usually not from a stable source.
That soundcloud rapper is trying to flex on everyone with his new sports car when we know he barely makes any money and is leasing it. Such a ghetto mentality.

Olivia is always showing off her designer purses and clothes but has never had a real job and comes from a poor family. She is probably an escort or sugar baby. Very sad, such a ghetto mentality

Xavier made all that money selling coke, and instead of buying a house or investing his money he bought a rolex and multiple cars, such a ghetto mentality

Tekashi69 always has 4 richard millie watches on his wrists , but his net worth is under a million, those watches are either fake or borrowed, such a ghetto mentality.

Aubrey has a massive ghetto mentality, how many old fat mens dicks did she have to suck to buy that offwhite belt?
by GwopleeNYC June 3, 2020
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1.)An example of a person being too mentally "into" ghetto subjects, clothes, music, or ways of life. These people normally speak ghetto slang-and when writing drop letters or replace letterss in words. They mostly live, speak, dress, talk, and breath ghetto, even when they aren't.

2.)The mentality of someone from the ghetto.

3.)The mentalistic way someone thinks/acts after viewing a ghetto based movie, show, or area.

4.)Kinda what people that are compared to Malibu's most wanted are.
Eric: "So how's that blonde chick you're going out with?"

Tony: "Horrible she got a strong ghetto mentality!"

Eric: "What you mean dude?"

Tony: "When we went to L.A. she wanted a room at a motel in the center of the East side"
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1. The name of a rap group formed in 1988, gaining popularity and national underground radio play from 1994-1997 with intermittent resurgences garnering limited radio play as late as 2007. A few rap groups have used this moniker, but the first to use the name (and trademark it) were the aforementioned, originating in Salt Lake City in the infamous west side Glendale Gardens neighborhood. Members over the years consisted of Founder Smoove Daddy Cee (originally known as Tempo C) 1988-1997, RC Hype 1988-1990, DJ Shon D 1988-1989, Burt-Locz 1994-1996, L-Dogg 1995, Madd Dogg 1997. Popular songs included Blowin' Up, Git up, Glendale 2 Midvale, Murder Afta Midnight (Featuring Madd Dogg and Daizer), Playerz Mentality (Featuring Daizer and E-Bay) to name a few.

2. This has also been the name of several songs by various rap artists and is a somewhat common phrase in some rap songs.

3. One who possesses a mentality resultant from living in the ghetto. This is sometimes used derogatorily when community activist types pontificate on social ills.
1. "Yo, I got that Ghetto Mentality album from back in '96. That shit was dope!"

2. "All because I got that ghetto mentality!"

3. "The primary concern is that this ghetto mentality which seems to pervade today's music is corrupting our youth before they get a chance to form positive opinions about their environment and how to improve it."
by Chub Daddy May 27, 2013
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A state of mind where you feel crummy, bitter, and depressed. Pretty much like a dirty ghetto neighborhood.
Many people feel like this on a daily basis. Thus being in a mental ghetto.
by Yuki Maara June 13, 2017
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