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(V) 1. To sweat excessively regardless of temperature.

2. To spill beer often.
Man, it's December and you're in shorts. Why are you Gersting so hard?
by Like The President September 08, 2011
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1. (adj)a person who is stingy, cheap, and constantly talks about money.

2. (verb) to eat an enourmous amount of food extermely like speed of light fast.

3. (verb) to take advantzage of any oppertunity to save $$$
1. stop being such a gerst, u ate my whole box of garnola bars, or just Terimistill the past 72 hours.

2. Hey Mile i just gersted that box of balance bars.

3. Hi i am matt stillwagon and i went to NYC for the weekend with my friends and "hey andi are those kit kats complimentry". Now for it in a sentence... Terimistill gersted his trip to NYC- brought $45 for the resturant, cab ride, y el club. Mis amigos les quiero-j.k. yall smell like the liquid outside rob and jels room.
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The act of when a male fiercely chows down on another's males butthole
Yo boog, that dude Brian gave me the finest Gerst of my life last night. I have many other Gerst's from other dudes, but Brian gave the best
by Jimmy magina November 01, 2016
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