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look at the name Geraldine's just a shorter way of writing the name
Geraldine..hmm.. i like tht name too many letters though..
I got it Geraldyn!
by Rebbeca_blackhattter221 June 05, 2011
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A very funny person thats usally messy ash but can back her self up. she can fight so dont even try it she will file yo ass up and das a big fakkkt. shes a pretty person inside and out but can be mean ash if you try her she will roast the fuck outta you till you cry.
person 1: omaigad i hate geraldyn shes so annoying!!
person 2: i know yo ass aint talking you jus mad you aint her and das a big ass fakkkt!!
by adrianna gonzalez March 31, 2019
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