A very funny South African girl. Known as Gee for short. Very comfortable presence, who will make keep you safe and make you feel secure. Takes photos and drugs. Has soft curly hair and big boobs.
Oh look there is Georgina making mashed potato
by Morgs is cool December 10, 2017
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a bloody fookin' funny fuckaaaaaaar whom will get killed if she shows her garter to anyone other than her wifeeeeee for lifeeeeeeee.
"she's such a georgina."
"yeahh,everythings going down south"
"check out her hannahs!"
by JELLYBEAAN! January 28, 2008
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a girl that has very big forehead with a quadruple chin.
Georgina is a ballet dancer, and she is addicted to bid D
by The coolkidhere69 March 09, 2017
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Usually bitchy and jealous. Always lie to keep themselves in friendships and always hurts their real friends by ditching them for the fakes. May look beautiful on the outside but it's a whole different story within.
Ohhh look it's a Georgina
by Anonymous_Unknown_Human December 15, 2017
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A beautiful name with connotations of hidden beauty, more than skin deep. She will be reliable and loving, and incredibly trustworthy, she won't trust you easily, though you'll certainly trust and like her. She's headstrong and defiant of authority but ultimately a genuine person.
You'll find yourself telling her things you'd never think you'd tell anyone at all - Georgina Rose won't tell though.
by melrose.x January 09, 2010
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