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A fairly impotent, inarticulate figure who, by means unknown to me (or much of the world, for that matter), became not only the Repbublican presidential nominee in the years 2000 and 2004, but also the incumbant president. He is regarded as a dull person, with a distinct lack of intelligence, due to his speech problems, his stubbornness, and inane decisions made all throughout his presidency.

Being the president from 2000-2008, he is, by some, known to be one of the worst presidents in American history. He is a part of the Republican party, which has, recently, lost its majority hold over both the House of Representatives and Senate - both houses of Congress.

His achievements are, as follows:
- Worsening our debt, causing our balls to be more and more in the Chinese vice grip;
- Entering us into a war for murky reasons, and not being willing to either do what it takes to eliminate the insurgency, or leave;
- Nothing regarding outsourcing or illegal immigration;
- Making the US look like a bunch of idiots (possibly rightfully so) on the world stage;
- Butchering foreign affairs, and setting the NATO alliance on the brink of collapse;
- Wishing to ban abortions, homosexual unions, etc.;
- Et fucking cetera.
George Walker Bush is a very inept president, in my opinion. His opinions regarding many social issues, and his stance on this war in Iraq fucked. Beyond that, his reluctance to move against illegal immigration, outsourcing, or remedy the budget predicament, is utter idiocy. Obviously, I'm not the guy's biggest fan.
by Amerikaner December 05, 2006
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by liberalwizardtyler June 21, 2007
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