A woman with dignity and class, who has all of the manners of a gentleman but also smells nice
Man: "I'm cold."
Gentlewoman: "here take my jacket."
Man: "Wow you're a gentlewoman. Would you open that door for me too?"
by Sjmoody March 3, 2017
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Gentlewoman, opposite of a gentleman.

A woman with gentleman-like qualities or habits.
She was such a gentlewoman when she held the door for me while my hands were full.
by on January 4, 2019
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A woman is who is gentle but also a common whore.
This gentlewoman was awfully gentle with my oblong penis.
by Bazney October 4, 2009
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An overly politically correct, awkward variation of "lady." Ironically, it is often used on the floors of Congress.
Will the gentlewoman from New York please speak before the Senate? Please allow the congresswoman to explain why "the lady from New York" isn't polite and respectful.
by hdzavalanche July 30, 2011
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