(A Russian-German name , my dads name)
He comes home when u are laying in ur swingbed in the garden enjoying mother natures great creation, while being on an really intense trip experience (bro4k20li) , then ur bald father who looks like kali muscle screams from the other side of the fence (where the neughbors garden is) then i ran upstairs and closed everything and just hear earrpae fkn kendrick lamar or some shit in my room , i instantly shut down my boxes and piss myself ^^ jk but thats definition of Gennadi!
Being definedBro lets not move to my house for 4/20 , monster looking ass Gennadi gonna be here , i love him and best dad ever but fkn bodyless dude like from kingdom hearts 2. Thats how gennadi is being defined
Gennady is smart has secret life everyone thinks he is a scumbag piece of shit, has many secret friends , usually acting stupid to not look smart around people very mature for his age just does not want to look like or doesn't . Most people who hate him are called Liam, Emma, Lucas, Nicholas, Maya, John. Most likely to be a teenager
by GennadyIsAWhore April 11, 2017
a person (most likely a kid) that is a total looser and failure. not liked by many people.
"Dude, that kid pisses me off so much"
"I know, he's a total gennady"
by IMTMDHS January 5, 2010
He’s a sweet individual, sexy, kind, generous and all around a great person!
by Machiman November 24, 2021
the existance of gennady can often be related to as being a freak occurance of nature, like black and white is to lenny (see lenny) and gennaddy.

Gennady origionates from the same testicles as lenny although his behaviour reflects the opposite of lenny. Despite his age, his behaviour reflects a retarded piece of fat shit, ( see fat, see shit) his existence revolves around the consumption of drugs, and tormenting lenny his brethren .

He is known as the emobidement of man gone sour.
He deserves to be shot
People like Gennady inspire birth control, abortions, baby drowning, baby killing, baby eating, murder, racism, weapons of mass destruction, pyschopathic behaviour, anal penetration and pure hate.

see dumb
see stupid
see idiot
see fat ass
see brainless
"What the hell is that sound in the background?"
"Yea thats definitly Gennady"
"Gennady's a fucking homo"
"I'm gonna fucking kill you"
by Someone who hates gennady June 11, 2005