1 definition by Quantum Physicist Dr. Ocean

(A Russian-German name , my dads name)
He comes home when u are laying in ur swingbed in the garden enjoying mother natures great creation, while being on an really intense trip experience (bro4k20li) , then ur bald father who looks like kali muscle screams from the other side of the fence (where the neughbors garden is) then i ran upstairs and closed everything and just hear earrpae fkn kendrick lamar or some shit in my room , i instantly shut down my boxes and piss myself ^^ jk but thats definition of Gennadi!
Being definedBro lets not move to my house for 4/20 , monster looking ass Gennadi gonna be here , i love him and best dad ever but fkn bodyless dude like from kingdom hearts 2. Thats how gennadi is being defined