pron. gin-KNEE-vee

1. n. How a moron pronounces Geneva
2. n. Not that coffee that's advertised on TV
3. v. A sales tactic where the salesperson knowingly takes advantage of the elderly customer's knowledge deficiancy and uses a combination of big words, scare tactics, and a series of clicks and chirps from the mouth to extort the maximum amount of money from the customer.
She came in looking for the one on sale. I genevied her into spending $2000 more than she needed.
by Lucky Bob March 28, 2006
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Someone who is very pretty but has a low self esteem someone who care about others way to much then they should also someone who wants the best for someone no matter how many times that person did something wrong to them.
She is so nice she must be a Genevie
by Brittany101 December 11, 2018
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