According to social researcher Mark McCrindle in his book 'The ABC of XYZ: Understanding the Global Generations' (, this is what we can expect the next generation to be called. Given the fact that the generational span has contracted significantly from 20-25 years to 15 years, he also predicts that the next generation is due to begin in 2010.
So, why 'Alpha'? With generational analysis having moved from a stage of foundation to consolidation, a more predictable labelling system is being formed. There being consensus on the alphabetised theme of Generations X, Y and Z, it is most likely that the next generation will be Generation Alpha (the first letter of the Greek alphabet). This nomenclature of moving to the Greek alphabet after exhausting the Latin one (A, B, C, D etc), has a long history with meteorologists. In fact, scientists of all disciplines use the Greek alphabet as a labelling sequence and so it looks likely that the sociologists will follow this trend with the generations too.
"Do you know they are saying the next generation will be called Generation Alpha?"
by Wolfwoman September 12, 2009
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Genneration Alpha are kids born in the years 2012-present. They are the offspring of early generation Y's and late gen x's. They are going to be the most educated and tech savvy people that ever lived until the generation after gen alpha. They will basically be generation z 2.0. They don't remember a time before smartphones or facebook. They are some of the first people to experience a new education system in America with iPads and more collaborative learning. Someday they will be the leaders of the world but only time can tell what it will be like.
Woman: "Awww he's so cute, when was he born?"

Parent of Child: "He was born in 2012."

Woman:"He's got a bright future he's a generation alpha baby."
by ImmediateAce September 17, 2013
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Generation Alpha are the generation of children born between the early 2010s and mid 2020s (this is my estimate - not a confirmed fact). They are the Generation succeeding Generation Z, and preceding Generation Beta. They are normally the children of Millennials or older Generation Z. The oldest members of Generation Alpha may be children of Generation X. They are usually the grandchildren of baby boomers or older members of Gen X.

Unlike Gen Z, Generation Alpha will have no memory of the pre - smartphone era (this era began in about 2012). They have entertainment at their fingertips, since most adults now own a Netflix account.

They will have been educated in a different way to previous generations, since they have been aided by computer technology in most lessons for their entire life, unlike Generation Z, who will have recieved this partway through their school career.

They may be less cautious with hygiene than older generations, since they would have been too young to understand the Coronavirus when it happened, or they may not remember it at all.

This generation is, as of the time of writing this, too young to have culture, so it is hard to say what humour they will appreciate. However, with easy access to YouTube, just like Gen Z, they will probably develop a Random XD sense of humor (eg. The E or Hey 🅱️eter).
Generation Alpha will be the first generation to spend more than half of their childhood in the Post - Coronavirus Economy.
by BrickSpace September 26, 2020
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The generation after generation z. Generation Alpha's parents mainly consist of Millennial and Generation X.
This generation will be grown up by watching Spider man and Elsa videos on YouTube and learning how to dab like Jake Paul. No one has no idea what this generation will be up too. Born in 2010's.
Mother: My kid was born in 2013
Grandpa: Guess he's one of those Gen Alphas who will turn me young again with future tech
Generation Alpha is the 2010's kids dab yeet
by LazyCat619 March 08, 2019
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Born After 2010, These children have no chance of being successful in the future. At least half of Gen Z'ers can function and understand what is going on around them, with Gen Alpha this will not be the case. Gen Alpha will be uninterested in 9/11, be majority atheist, and have been looking at smartphone screens since they were born. Being raised by Millennials means that the brainwashing will have fully set in by now. This means Gen Z is our last chance to avoid becoming a communist hell-hole with no personal liberties. If only the good in Gen Z procreate there is a slight chance our nation can overcome this, but we have dug ourselves quite the hole at this point.
Baby Boomer: Peace man!!!!
Generation X: Long live Cobain!!!!
Generation Y/Millennial: Who needs Peace and Grunge when you have Lady Gaga!!!
Generation Z: I wish I could buy an iPad, but I'm in debt!
Generation Alpha: Durrrrr...
by BornIn1999Trump2020 September 24, 2020
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