Crazy to the point of weirdness and weird to the point of craziness. A nonagonical Russian. Pursues the most efficient balance of passion between food and laziness. An "intellectual dumbass".
Gelfy likes people to look him up in Urban Dictionary, and now there is a definition.
by JoJo the idiot circus boy August 25, 2013
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A selfie with a goat
When you come to the farm, my friendly goat will want you to take a gelfie with him.
by Teothepitbull April 5, 2019
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An Indian girl who grew up in the Gulf. Gulf countries include, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Kuwait etc.
I'm a gelfi because I grew up in Saudi Arabia
by joejd September 6, 2023
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I took a gelfie of myself and my friends at the hotel after party.
by Fuhnboy June 14, 2014
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A selfie that includes ones genatalia.
Last night I accdentaly posted a gelfie of my penis.Long story short It got a lot of likes.
by Crusty Cannoli June 12, 2014
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At gym: "That pump has me on swoll. Let me take a quick gelfie.
by Mrtwixx November 3, 2015
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When one takes a selfie of a group, and one is too lazy to say "group selfie"
OMG!!!!!! Lets take a Gelfie
by March 16, 2022
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