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A sweet girl, honest in friendship, shy and curious, too nice to be dislike and randomly wild that likes to move her body to the Rhythm of the music, but has a dearly heart.
She is the type of friend you would call Geisi
by chapirruriz91 April 01, 2011
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You are just too lucky by finding a girl with this very rare name, she is just not overrated in any type of way. It is impossible even dislike this type of girl, & if so, is just haters, nothing new. Smart, Honest, trustworthy, and loving person. Usually has captivating eyes, basically can be the most wonderful girlfriend. Cool as hell! She ain't coming off of her last name which is having fun, til the one with enough balls is capable to change that. Her body tastes like honey, her vagina is such a source of sticky sweet & good as a tight virgin. Sort of freaky, so she must be pleasure. Once you meet Geisi is impossible to forget, you will not find drug around compare to what you'll find in her. All you gotta do is get to know her, this definition is not quite of how amazing a Geisi is.
-You know Geisi?
-Geisi who?
-Yes, Geisi!
-What's up with her?
-man that, uhmm uhmm she's just addictive.
by sex-ybeauty August 07, 2012
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Well, there's so much to say about Geisi, all you have to do when you meet a Geisi, is stick to her, cause this type of girl is a very surprising person, always. But to give a brief perspective, she is a very unique female, her beauty is like a rose among the weeds. Just by the genuineness of her name. You will not find, not even in the first half of the hemisphere someone named as her. A very caring person, with the most beautiful soul, meticulous. Has a beautiful personality, self-assured, and very acute, as angles in geometry. conservative&the perfect wife. Smart to a nerdy point, knows to have fun, a good girl but can also be bad. Craziness in a certain way&point, can carry a big mouth. Usually has high morals, do not fuck with her sweet side, otherwise you will meet the sour. Passionate&the queen of romance, that she should be the goddess of love, a wise woman, strong as her unbreakable soul, Carries tons of qualities, capable of anything, loves to achieve what she wants. A very strong mind&optimist. She could be as manly as Mars&won't lose her Venus nature. Also very hybrid person, Has the most dearly heart in world, amazing as the entire meaning of amazing, her awesomeness in indescribably lovable.
-man! that girl, she is so Geisi

*Geisi walks by*
-Guy: hey, isn't that...Geisi? I've seen her somewhere.
- idk dude, but she is pretty.
-Guy: got my back? be right back.

*runs after Geisi*
Guy: hey, didn't we meet in highschool?
Geisi: omg! yes, your face is familiar.
Guy: well, get my number.
Geisi: lol okaaay? what would that be?

*guys jumps all happy*
yeah! she has my number!
by hakunnamatata August 07, 2012
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