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both a noun (someone who isn't a fully grown geek but half way there) and a verb (describing a geekish activity, but one that wouldn't put muggles {= non-geeks} off)
1. I'll introduce you to all my geek friends and in a few weeks you'll be a geekling yourself

2. Q: The weather was fabulous all weekend, we spend all of Sunday on the beach... and you? A: *mumbled* err.. I was just geekling about ...
by JuxTheFirst August 12, 2008
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Both a noun (someone who is a member of Geeks of Gosport) and a verb (describing an activity, Such as Magic The Gathering or Munchkin)
"Your Such a Geekling"
by Mc. Bitchy August 30, 2014
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Often used in reference to child geeks. Once a geek is about 14, s/he is often treated like an adult, so this term has some limited use.
The elementary school librarian got the geeklings attention when she offered to show them how to set up a wiki to manage their fanfiction project.
by GrayArcadian September 16, 2012
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group of downright nerds (no not the smart kind, that do well at school) - the group of guys u see hanging around at school talking about how much they love runescape or world of warcraft, they are commonly known to draw lame ass symbols that mean they are going to take over the world, and plot against the normal people.

They also think they are better than everyone else cos they play xbox for 10 hours straight at a sleepover sausage fest
john: Look at those geeklings drool over that picture of world of warcraft!
sally: yeah i know! what LOSERS!
by saynois March 03, 2007
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