The twins were really geed up about their Glasto trip.
by well there it is June 20, 2007
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1. To be high on something.
2. Not yourself as in a little crazy or hyper, more than usual.
3. Not logical.
He was Geed-up at the party the other night.
Man don't talk to her right now because she is all geed-up.
by Crayon May 27, 2004
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(adv.) A state of being high on GHB or GBL, usually characterized by one or more of the following: euphoria, friendliness, confusion, loss of judgement, loss of inhibition.
Ann: You geed up?
Sam: Oh yeah, I'm geed up all right.
Ann: Let's get naked!
by Luciano Del Purgatorio June 22, 2006
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1. An exclaimation of failure or ineptitude.

Origin: Garving Feuerhelm really fucks up a lot.
"Man you really geed up that test, you should have studied.....Gavin"
by ATO January 26, 2005
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