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When someone act like a fool for a long time or if he's saying something really stupid. You can call him a gaytron.

Another situation to use it is when something really suck.

it can also be Megaytron( Megatron) or Omegaytron (omegatron) but gaytron is less long and can be used in many situations.
- Shut up Gaytron!

- "where is my cheeseburger!"
"I just eat it man"
"You fucking gaytron"

-Hey stop it gaytron! I'm busy can't you see?

- man, that movie was so megaytron. I can't believe I paid for this.
by SeniorCornolio September 14, 2010
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Any cool kid that is known to stick his chest out, talk real loud, stare at guys, close his eyes when he talks, and jack off dogs. Most importantly, Gaytrons are also known to wear Hollister and work boots at the same time while chewing, & shave his arms.
by Ethan Shreve April 17, 2009
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1. adj. describes an object, person, or situation which is gay, but not in that cool man-love sorta way.
Steve got cuffed and thrown in the back of a cop car for throwing a f**king snowball? That's gaytron.
by paddlenaked March 25, 2004
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