The act of giving or receiving anal sex with some who is the same gender as you
Man, I never wanted to experience it, but last night I had gaynal with that guy from San Francisco. It was actually really fun!


No, my farts soundl like rushing air now.
by AYearForPhil October 30, 2011
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Gyanal or Gaynal sex refers to gay anal sex, it is an amalgamation of the word gay and the word anal
Chad: Bro, is it gay to have Gaynal sex with the hamburgler?
Jerry: Nah dude, just remember to say no homo
by Just a Pastafarian January 19, 2018
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adj., being uptight, smug, or generally lame; a double-whammy insult referring to the addressee as both gay and anal. n., one who is smug and self-righteous; one who is extensively rigid with rules or generates and enforces unreasonable rules, often out of need to feel power. v., to say or do something particularly lame and unamusing
adj.: That RA is being totally gaynal about curfew tonight.
n.: Put out that cig, man. Here comes a gaynal.
v.: You so gaynaled that joke, brother. Don't quit your day job.
by Lord Gaynal September 24, 2006
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A word that means homosexual anal sex. This can be used to differentiate between gay anal sex and straight anal sex.
Man 1: Justin and I had gaynal sex for the first time last night.

Man 2: That's great! You 2 are taking your relationship to the next level!
by Pussydestoyer6969 February 08, 2015
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The act or art, depending on you views, of two men having anal sex.
Hey Mr., do you wanna have some gaynal sex with me tonight.

Hey dood I rented that tutorial on gaynal sex on redbox. You wanna check that out with me?
by GrizzCov May 24, 2010
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adj., an extremely unbearably gay situation in which something is gay. in which case, when things are gay, they are also anal, the combination of the to thus creates gaynal or gayness up the anus
god i hate this, it's so gaynal
by a bum March 13, 2005
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