A piss take name for the Nintendo GameCube - which isn't bad at all because it has Soul Calibur 2 which totally pwns
My Game cube it so cool.

Omg, you fag, you have a gay cube??
by ReNeGaDe ChRiS April 11, 2005
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An old slander name for Gamecube, commonly used by PSTools/Sony Ponies (Sony Fanboys), Xbots, and maybe PC Elitists. Like Gaystation and Gayboy, it's no longer used since more people "respect" LBGT people + are softer than before + Gamecube has been discontinued for long.
Gaycube beat Gaystation 2 and Gaybox in term of durability.
by Shiine-1 June 21, 2022
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A degradatory and inaccurate definition of the Gamecube. Most commonly used by fanboys. Another reason this loose definition makes no sense is because it is impossible for an inanimate object to have a sexual preference.
Xbox fanboy: I hug my Xbox! It's much better than that Gaycube! It's gay, that's why I hate it!
by Party Pooper December 29, 2004
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Derogatory, immature term for the Nintendo GameCube. Homophobic jerks who try to look badass use it.
<gs68> *is playing Star Wars: Rogue Leader*
<Some fanboy> That's not a GayCube title, isn't it?
<gs68> It is.
<SF> kthxdie
by gs68 June 26, 2004
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1) an unfunny and immature play on words to describe the Nintendo GameCube

2) an unfunny pun created by fanboys of the PlayStation 2 and X-Box who pass judgement on systems they have never tried
Fanboy: DO U HAVE PS2!!??????? :)
Me: Yes, but I don't use it as much as my GameCube.
Fanboy: omg u have a gaycube? all they make is teh kiddie shit lol. :)
Me: So a game needs to be full of blood and gore to be good?
Fanboy: yea lol :)
by DarkMatter October 12, 2004
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GayCube is the name of the 2nd failure by Nintendo. It was purble and had a handle so it looked like a gayish handbag. Hence Nintendo GayCube. GayCube flopped, because well thinking straight people would never buy such a thing. May GayCube die a horrible death.

The 3rd failure of Nintendo will be released this year and is called the nintendo wii.. see? A worthy successor to GayCube.

I am gay and I have a GayCube.. wiiiiii.
by Rtyper May 12, 2006
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A piss take on the name of the nintendo console the gamecube,
other consoles to suffer such insults include.

Playstation 2 :- Gaystation 2
Xbox :- Butt sex box

Mainly used by immature fools who think that anyone who has a different console to them are wrong and should be told of that using poor insults.
"How can you own a Gaystation, Gamecube totally pwns it you noob"
"how the hell do you know, have ever played on a PS2"
"No cus it's gay LOL"
by Moorwolf April 21, 2005
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