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Gaybu is a gigantic gay turtle located in Sky in the MMO RPG sensation FFXI. He is a tremendously gay oversize turtle that gets rapped by noobzors. The players who are so called "teh 1337" don't even bother to target this steaming bowl of turtle piss. He is a waste of time and should be removed from the list of "GODS", FFXI servers, and be replaced with memories of a much happier time when the raging homosexual turtle did not exist. Squire Enix should be ashamed of themselves for ever creating the likes of Gengu, also known to all FFXI as Gaybu. Just because he can be soloed by a player who started playing a week ago with no "Y" button and level 25 gear does not make him a God at all, yet, a waste of time completing Zilart Mission 1-13.
Example: Have you ever seen a 90 foot ragingly homosexual sea turtle? If this is the case, then you witnessed Gaybu, and you shall take him down with your 1337 haxor mega wand skills and the broken ass shield he drops, and throw it in the trash along with your life and time you wasted getting this far in Sky and realized you just been santored.
Proper Noun: Man, we killed Gaybu with four people, I think 2 of them are AFK, what a fucking waste of magic on that santore turtle.
Verb: You damn Gaybu.
by Skyro (matt) Klunk (mike) February 17, 2008
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