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Also known as John Laurens. He is also called the gay over lord. John liked to draw turtles and was obsessed with them. He was also gay and had, or assumed to have, affairs with Alexander Hamilton. He is the gay turtle.
Mary: Oh yeah, my girlfriend got me a turtle today and I'm naming it after the gay turtle, John Laurens.
by FandomWolf January 04, 2018
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when a man sucks a dick wrapped in a taco shell.

one man wraps his dick in a taco shell with just the head sticking out, and another man sucks it.
I heard Matt gave Bob a "gay turtle"
by Neato Beatsmeato August 11, 2011
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When you are a gay turle you are gay af and have no social life freinds or other means of expressing yourself besides saying ur a gay turtle
by BIGSTRAIGHT February 07, 2019
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