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gay as hell is actually a mathmatical term referring to the average gayness of all people sent to hell, it is especially high, considering that all priests go to hell

it is found by dividing the total amount of gays in hell by the total amount of people in hell, to find the average amount of gays in hell
person 1: what did you get for your answer

person 2: i got x: = y / gay as hell

person 1: oh, I got: gay as hell = x / y

person 2: yeah that sounds right
by Hi_Its_Matt July 20, 2020
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by Nikki Stixx January 18, 2021
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A term used by rednecks when describing Obama, or people/things they don't like.

Pronounced G-ah-ey ay-ss hey-ell
Redneck1: Just like OBAMA!
Redneck1: GAY AS HELL!
by -CAKEfan- February 02, 2011
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