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When a lesbian's dominant arm becomes more muscular due to a monogamous relationship....or just lots of sex
Girl 1: Have you just been lifting weights with your right hand?
Girl 2: No, Maggie and I have been together for a couple months. This is just my Gay Arm.
by SJB88 May 01, 2015
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When a man works out his arms and nothing else, leading to disproportionately large arms with a torso and chest that do not match. Gay men are notorious for this. Any gay bar will have a plethora of these men walking around.
Oh girl, you got big gay arms.

Oh mary has been working out nothing but her arms. She has big gay arms.
by Faye Dunaway December 13, 2009
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When Rock Climbing / Bouldering ones arm become painfully fatigued with minimal effort applied, more commonly known in the climbing world as β€œGay Arm”. This can be a result of not streching correctly before climbing or if your having a bad day.
"i hope i dont get gay arm today while climbing"
"OMG ive got gay arm, why wont you work damn arm"
"dont you get gay arm today, you've got to climb that wall"
by The Evil Jew September 07, 2009
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