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an underground passage contructed from mud and timber allowing the rapid movement of troops from base to destination.

commenly used in C+c rushes for supplies.

NB: tunnel networks created within the first 10 minutes of gametime can have adverse affects on scottish team mates
logos: FFS MONTY!!! your tunnel network is pushing back my defences!!!

right, if youre going to waste my time, im going to waste yours. enjoy the vpn
by shiv March 24, 2005
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Tunnel Network - Something which gets on a person's last nerve causing a violent auditory outburst and irreversable phycological damage to the victim. Often results in total disappearance from the internet for an indefinite period of time.
First discovered whilst playing a game of command and conquer generals.
*Tunnel network spotted*
Logos: "garbled squeel"
*Logos has disconnected*
*Time passes*
*Logos not found, missing, presumed dead*
by Split March 30, 2005
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The 'tunnel network' is the common name for Eastern Chipmunks. From the genus tamias. Scientific name is Tamias-striatus.

There are twenty-one different kinds of 'tunnel networks' and they all live in North America except for one, Tamias-logobericus, which is Scottish, yet has not been seen for a while and is known to have pointless mood swings.
Split - Have you seen the rare 'tunnel network',Tamias-logobericus Tim?

Fluke - No
by DevishaM April 03, 2005
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