A noble and high-brow football connoisseur who is of more sound mind than the supporters of Bristol City.
Exact opposite of 'Shithead'
by Dave December 21, 2003
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Supporter of Bristol's No 1 football team, Bristol Rovers, contrary to the opinions expressed under this name elsewhere in the Urban dictionary. Those were written by some cider guzzling, manglewurzle chomping inbreed who supports "Uhh, City, Uuh", the home for social inadequates disguising themselves as football supporters.
Gasheads are so-called because there spiritual home Eastville, now a shopping centre, used to stand in front of two large gas tanks. It began as a derogatory term from their neighbours City but was adopted by the fans as they spent a nomadic existence playing first in Bath and later at the Memorial Ground, Bristol.

Common saying among them "Up the Gas", "Oiright Gashead?"
Nearly 40,000 Gasheads travelled to Wembley to see their side beat Shrewsbury 3-1 in the League Two play-off final at Wembley in 2006/07
by buckrippers November 30, 2011
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long haired boys who hate there girlfriends so drown there sorrows with aerosol abuse.
Did you see Gashead the other day, he ate a whole can of lynx because he had to meet his girlfriend later. tragic
by wonkwonkwonk March 28, 2009
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One with a strong sense of loyalty, character and a sense of humour.

Often found strolling around parts of north and east Bristol, singing an old Leadbelly song.

Tends to dislike those residing south of the river Avon.
by thee old boozerooney May 13, 2004
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The rather less fortunate quarter of Bristol who for some reason choose to follow the eternal failure known as Bristol Rovers. They can often be found in the eternal shadow of the great Bristol City (a real club with fans and a proper stadium)
He's only a poor little GASHEAD.. Tattered and torn etc etc
by Luke (BCFC) November 12, 2004
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