A kind of ink used by graff writers in any thing great for busses and stuff goes good with an ultrawide or miniwide or any other kind of homemade marker
Yo that garvey ultrawide is kill busses
by koma1 April 21, 2006
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clicking the like button on a friend's entire visible facebook wall
John received a hundred Facebook notifications after he was garveyed last night.
by Normalnator October 22, 2009
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A minuteman from the game Fallout 4 whom constantly pesters you to set up settlements.
Preston Garvey: When you're done reading this definition, come to Sanctuary. There's a settlement that need our assistance.
by Bibbityboobys February 02, 2016
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An annoying cunt who won't fuck off when your playing fallout 4.

"while you were out I got wind of another settlement that needs our help" "I'll mark it on your map"
Preston Garvey is the gossip girl of fallout 4.
by A Jittey Ginger May 16, 2019
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describes a person who has a celebrity father that he or she has never or rarely met. Named after famed baseball player Steve Garvey and his fathering of multiple children from extramarital affairs.
My friend Jim is the son of R&B legend Screamin' Jay Hawkins. He's totally one of garvey's kids.
by Chiggers Dudley April 13, 2008
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1. A bullrush type action where you swing your hands back and forth never above waist level until you gain outragous speeds. Named for its creator Andy Garvey.
2. A pissed off white guy.
1. Oh shit, hes Charging Garveying this way, get out of the way.
2. Damn Charging Garvey thinks hes going to get some.
by Don Macwhalin August 21, 2006
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