Possibly the best sandbox game in the universe. Created in 2005 by Garry Newman for a little joke, as a Half Life 2 mod. Turned out a massive success and being published as an entire game to the Steam Store. It is one of the most popular games on Steam. It uses a modified Source game engine to run and allows you to do pretty much anything. Low system requirments, high fps, lots to do, easy to get mods, over 100,000 mods. Best game ever.
Kid: omg u shUd by minecraft u cn do anythg in it!!1!11!!!
Gmod Gamer: No young child, you cannot. However, you can do anything in Garry's Mod pretty much.
by uggson April 04, 2015
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A addictive build server, with alot of crap. You can build a human car, a boat, a melon gun, facepoze and make movies kinda.
Omg i love garrys mod!
I like to build.
by Stupid fish January 01, 2008
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First of all who cares about the little ' after the y in Garry and second of all it is an imersive fp build whatever game that is very fun and adictive. Loads of 10 year olds and Leet speakers. Meh nothings perfect. Also spread more by word of mouth than actual blatent advertising/marketing.
Mate1: I've got garry's/garrys mod

Mate2: Never heard of it

Two weeks later

Mate two: (one hand typing) Love it oooo yeah looooove it

Mate one: OTT way over the top
by Up&Down February 11, 2008
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Garrys mod. Known to plenty as Gmod. A modification for Half life 2 in which allows you to spawn any object or ragdoll from the game Half Life 2, and now Counterstrike Source. Lately, Garry has been getting really bad at programming Garrys mod, and now a player cannot change his or her spray, or model without going through the cfg file, and many people complain about that, and usualy end up banned on Garrys forum, because Garry doesn't want to hear it. Garry has become a stuck-up prick over time, and trash-talks plenty of people. There is a modification for Gmod out there called Ultimate Garrys Mod, making Gmod much more fun, user friendly, and adds many more things such as NPC spawning.

Shortly after UGMs release, Garry implemented many of UGMs concepts, but some of them failed. Once again, UGM comes to the rescue, but Garry later on releases Gmod v8, the most terrible version known to man. Many bugs, such as the problems with the spray, and models bit I mentioned above. He shortly releases a bug fix for v8, but it too is terrible, such as very long loading times just to name one. It does much better than v8, but, like before, there were still plenty bugs. Again, later on, Garry releases v8.3b. It's much better than 8.3a, but still the model and spray bugs weren't fixed. But the loading times were, so one problem solved. Except now, the NPC feature doesn't work, which is a real pain in the ass. Oh Garry, when will you stop being lazy and get around to listening to the people, and fixing your errors?
Gamer one: Hey, did you get the new gmod?
Gamer two: Yeah, it's alright, but Garry should stop being such a tyranical dictator and listen to people, and brush up on his programming.
Gamer one: Yeah...
by Davide S. July 11, 2005
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Mainly where children go to act hard roleplaying as an edgy loser, Hitman, thief ect.
Screw Fortshite lads, Garry's Mod time.
by Xivkyn June 11, 2019
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Garry's Mod is a Half-Life 2 modification. It was created by the most brilliant British coder (cunt) who goes by the name of Garry, who made the bare bones of the mod an ugly interface on top of Valve's engine that took him 11 versions to get it right and left the community to do the rest. The primary use of Garry's Mod is to entertain creative people. Unfortunately, a majority of the community is under the age of 12 and most of the time not creative.
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Garrys mod is a half-life 2 modification. It was created by some british fag by the name of Garry.
by storm sarup March 28, 2007
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