when in some sort of relationship, business or otherwise, your associate or partner leaves, acheiving more success or happiness than when they were associated with you.
Dammit, I've been garfunkeled! My ex-girlfriend was miserable and wouldn't do anything with me when I was with her, but I saw her the other day, she was with her new asshole boyfriend and...well...dammit
I've been garfunkeled!
by ethan "mojo-spankk" bradshaw October 16, 2003
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When a woman requests her partner dress as Art Garfunkel during intercourse.
Better grab my wig, This chicks into Garfunkeling!
by Heat3 March 01, 2009
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to tag along or to be unneccessary, loosely (and wrongly) based on Art Garfunkel
Hey, can i Garfunkel with you guys
by englishhhh December 18, 2005
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The more outgoing person in a pair.

Origin: refers to folk- rock 1960s duo Simon and Garfunkel. Art Garfunkel, who did not write or play an instrument, arguably was the better singer of the two. He was also more personable/talkative. In a way, the "sidekick" of Simon.
He's the Garfunkel in that relationship.
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
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To get rid of the less talented or useful item in a set.

The Sox will Garfunkel Ramirez when hell freezes over.

Ramirez is ungarfunkelable!

I can't garfunkel the lettuce in the salad. It's the only thing he's not allergic to.
by Fran LeMoine September 30, 2005
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A Garfunkel is the name of a loose or detached exhaust pipe from early Ford Model T's.
Shit, my Garfunkel snapped, better take this up to bob Karl’s
by TheWebDeveloper January 07, 2020
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